Our cloud-based platform implements all EDI processes with our partners: via standardized connectors and fully automatically

Automated EDI processes

Our platform c-neo:CONNECT implements all EDI processes with our partners: and does so fully automatically


c-neo:CONNECT is a cloud-based platform that maps EDI business processes via standardized connectors.

The platform's range of services is a separate business unit and is also marketed independently.

c-neo:CONNECT handles the often complex EDI requirements between customers and suppliers.

c-neo:CONNECT is marketed according to the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.

This means that you only have to pay for the transaction volume that actually occurs: like electricity from the wall socket.

No investments in hardware or software are required.

Features and functions

c-neo:CONNECT is a cloud-based platform that enables suppliers and customers to handle their EDI processes.

Independent of the supplier's upstream system, order and product-related data (e.g. product catalogue, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice, etc.) are exchanged between customers and suppliers via conversion processes: fully automatically and in real time, using standardised connectors and the underlying standard format EDIFACT.

The electronic data transfer is carried out in accordance with the regulations of DSGVO and GoBD.


No investments

Invoicing is based on the SaaS principle

Data security

Satisfies the requirements of DSGVO and GoBD


Application grows with your turnover


No development work: quickly ready for use